23+ Inspiring Scandinavian Living Room Design

Scandinavian Living Room – We will readily admit that we are consumed by the simplicity and the understated beauty of Scandinavian style. It is arguably one of the easiest styles to pull off if you have the discipline to do away with clutter and an eye for practicality.

Quality precedes quantity here, and frugality is interlaced with sophistication and minimalism! While we already featured 50 fascinating home offices drenched in Nordic goodness, today it is the Scandinavian-style living room that takes its rightful place under the spotlight.

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It’s a testament to the brilliance of the style and those who took it from its humble roots and refined it to suit the aesthetics and ergonomics of a wider audience that the style still holds sway decades after first making a mark on the international stage.

The captivating collection of 30 Scandinavian living rooms on display today will ensure that you will fall in love with beautiful and efficient design – all over again!

From Floor Lamps to Contemporary Chandeliers

scandinavian living room - From floor lamps to contemporary chandeliers (houseology.com)

Statement lighting is a key feature of Scandic styling. Scandinavian lighting combines iconic design with the finest quality materials to create stylish focal points that introduce an edge of modernity to your interior.

Natural Green Scandinavian Interior Design

scandinavian living room - Natural Green Scandinavian Interior Design (houseology.com)

If you’ve been meaning to add a touch of Scandinavian style to your home, this spring is the perfect time to invite it into your space. But instead of going for the traditional monochrome look, get a fresh take on the uber-trendy Scandi decor with some bright and beautiful palettes inspired by all those blooming flowers.

Lagom Lifestyle Pieces

scandinavian living room - LAGOM LIFESTYLE PIECES (elledecor.com)

Americans are known for perpetually chasing after a “balanced” lifestyle — but the Swedes just do it. Author of Lagom: Not Too Little, Not Too Much: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced Happy Life, Niki Brantmark (also the brains behind My Scandinavian Home) knows a thing or two about balance.

As described in the title, lagom means finding just the right amount, which is a beautifully Scandinavian approach to life and design. She predicts it will make its way from our daily schedules to our bedrooms, where “conscious buying and slow design” will take center stage.

Simple Scandinavian Living Room

scandinavian living room - Simple Scandinavian Living Room (houseology.com)

Scandinavian people are extremely well acquainted with high end design and that is clear from the way they put together spaces.

Designer pieces, both new and vintage finds, hold a special position to the interiors, whether it’s a famous furniture piece, an exceptional pendant lamp or an eye-catching decorative accessory. It is more about choosing quality rather than quantity when it comes to Scandinavian style.

Storage As Decor

scandinavian living room - storage as decor (elledecor.com)

My absolute favorite Scandinavian decor trend is taking what would normally be a boring storage piece, and making it a design focal point in your home,” says Anna Decilveo, merchandiser at Swedish-founded company Tictail.

“The shelf or basket you would’ve likely hid in your closet is, instead, a work of art in itself. We’re already seeing so much of this from emerging Swedish brands on Tictail.” From designer clothing racks to statement kitchen organizers, now every facet of your home can be Scandinavian-level chic.

Elegant Scandinavian Living Room

scandinavian living room - Elegant Scandinavian Living Room (houseology.com)

The Scandinavian home is about being not too cluttered and yet not too minimal – in other words lagom. Scandinavians are masters at decluttering and whittling down their homes to a few, treasured items.

Invest in a few carefully selected, beautifully crafted pieces designed to stand the test of time – you’ll see the beauty of every single piece more easily if there are fewer of them.

Get The Look

scandinavian living room - Get the look (elledecor.com)

This three-legged garment rack is heavy on both form and function thanks to a sturdy design and a combination of sharp angles and smooth curves.

Scandinavian Living Room With Simple Lamp

scandinavian living room - Scandinavian Living Room With Simple Lamp (houseology.com)

Lighting should be kept warm and inviting to prevent pared back spaces from feeling stark or clinical which makes copper the perfect addition.

Light Scandi Living Room

scandinavian living room - Light Scandi Living Room (houseology.com)

Light is such an important component of Scandic decor owing to the many hours of darkness in Scandinavian countries during the winter months. A large mirror placed opposite the windows will help to bounce the light around the space.

Bold Blue Accents

scandinavian living room - bold blue accents (elledecor.com)

Scandinavia’s favorite accent color? Clearly, it’s blue — a bright blue that stands out brilliantly against all-white interiors, like in this colorful 1920’s Copenhagen home belonging to industrial designer Josefine Bentzen. Let’s just say, the monochromatic phase is over.

Color Contrasting Material

scandinavian living room - Color Contrasting Material (houseology.com)

Contrasting materials, shapes and palettes can create a wonderful Mid Century Scandinavian flavour. The balance between the opulence of the rich velvet upholstery of the Gubi Grand Piano Sofa and the fine lines and industrial simplicity of the Grossman Grashoppa Floor Lamp is fabulously striking.

Purple-Blue Scandinavian Style

scandinavian living room - Purple-Blue Scandinavian Style (houseology.com)

If a simple scheme of grey, black and white leaves you cold, consider a palette that combines several shades of the same colour as a bold monochrome alternative.

Worn Leather

scandinavian living room - worn leather (elledecor.com)

We’re seeing a major transition to worn leather pieces in Nordic interiors, like these leather-backed wooden chairs in Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton’s home at La Maison d’Anna G. They’re rustic without looking too antique — and look great with a sheepskin blanket tossed over their back.

Simple Blue Scandinavian Living Room

scandinavian living room - Simple Blue Scandinavian Living Room (houseology.com)

Scandinavian style used to be all about white walls and simplicity but things are changing. Those classic white interiors are evolving to incorporate darker colours as the trend for bold paints really takes off.

A darker background often provides more contrast to the classic Scandi furniture which is all about clean lines and silhouettes – think Eames dining chairs, Tulip tables or statement lighting, all of which are enhanced by using contrasting colours.

Minimalist Scandi Living Room

scandinavian living room - Minimalist Scandi Living Room (houseology.com)

Minimalist yet oversized and playful, the Normann Copenhagen Swell Sofa embodies the classic Scandic design principles by combining a flawlessly stylish form with complete comfort.

Gray Walls

scandinavian living room - gray walls (elledecor.com)

The black-and-white aesthetic has been done in every corner of Scandinavia — which is why we’re so excited to see grey walls making a comeback. They provide the same neutral, monochromatic appeal, but dial it back a few notches, as seen in a home from Swedish real estate company Alvhem.

Scandinavian Living Room Window Looking

scandinavian living room - Scandinavian Living Room Window Looking (houseology.com)

Scandinavian style may look effortless but don’t be fooled. It takes a lot of restraint and a lot of careful editing to create an interior that looks cool and calming.

Decoration is usually kept to an absolute minimum with no extra frills or flourishes. Handle-less cupboard doors, simple furniture designs and restrained colour palettes are key.

And then, once you have pulled back to the minimum you can live with, add a few touches of luxury and comfort. A fur throw for chilly nights, a candle or two for atmosphere and some green plants for a touch of life.

Pinky Scandinavian

scandinavian living room - Pinky Scandinavian (houseology.com)

The Scandi style is so timeless and so easily achievable. Think white, wood, the odd pop of colour, and lots and lots of texture to stop your home from feeling too stark. You’re looking for pieces which are functional but well-designed so not only do they have a purpose, they look good too.

Cottage Culture

scandinavian living room - cottage culture (elledecor.com)

The focus on Scandinavian design usually revolves around Sweden, but Finland is catching up in a big way. One of the happiest countries in the world, the Finns are doing something right. It could be their deep connection to the outdoors, their tasty but simplistic diets, or if you ask us, it definitely has something to do with “cottage culture.”

Helsinki-based designer Linda Bergroth created the pop-up hotel KOTI (meaning “home” in Finnish) to provide “an immersive experience into Finnish hospitality and cottage culture,” she said in a statement.

This means communal eating and living spaces, innolux lamps that simulate natural daylight, and minimalistic tableware. “Instead of well-known design products, I think we should highlight the Finnish ways of sharing,” said Bergroth.

Classic Scandinavian Living Room

scandinavian living room - Classic Scandinavian Living Room (houseology.com)

Although Scandinavian style is classically contemporary, the signature Mid Century furniture shapes also work beautifully in properties with period features such as herringbone flooring, ornate cornicing and grand feature fireplaces. Blend these luxurious finishes with minimalist furniture and lighting designs for a stylish, juxtaposed scheme.

Perfect Green Scandinavian Living Room Style

scandinavian living room - Perfect Green Scandinavian Living Room Style (houseology.com)

After creating a Nordic blank canvas (white washed walls, muted tones, wooden floors) give your space character by mismatching furniture and adding colourful accessories. Scandi design loves bold prints and lively textiles so don’t be afraid to go for that geometric rug or colour-popping scatter cushions.

Whimsical Lighting

scandinavian living room - whimsical lighting (elledecor.com)

There’s an ethereal feel to these giant paper lanterns, both an interpretation of Asian-inspired light fixtures and a sideways take on a traditional chandelier. In calligrapher Ylva Skarp’s home, as seen on Nordic Design, four huge lanterns hang over her kitchen table, creating a whimsical overhead installation.

Perfect White Scandinavian Style

scandinavian living room - Perfect White Scandinavian Style (houseology.com)

Although Scandinavian decor is classically stripped back, that doesn’t mean that accessories aren’t essential. Some of our favourite pieces to complete the look include marble decorative pieces, matt glazed ceramics and coffee table design books.

Wonderful Scandi Style Living Room

scandinavian living room - Wonderful Scandi Style Living Room (houseology.com)

In terms of furniture, clean lines are it. Sofas, tables, and chairs embrace mid century modern tendencies with smooth rounded edges and natural hues. Scandinavian design also prides itself on innovative and functional design when decorating interiors

Minimalist Wood Slats

scandinavian living room - minimalist wood slats (elledecor.com)

There’s something so serene about slatted walls, like those at the Finnish Dream Hotel; like you’re hiding away in a cabin or about to spend the most relaxing hour in the sauna.

Scandinavian Style With Brown

scandinavian living room - Scandinavian Style With Brown (houseology.com)

I’m a big fan of Scandi design. Although mostly know for simplicity and clean lines – the Scandinavians are champions at creating warm and cosy havens.

To do this, they use natural textures like hides, sheepskins and leather – I’m slowly creating the perfect little Nordic home by filling every room with tactile finishing touches. You can get the same effect with layers of fabrics, fleece throws, woollen rugs, faux fur and knitted cushions.

The Key Of Scandinavian Living Room Style

scandinavian living room - The Key Of Scandinavian Living Room Style (houseology.com)

The key to creating a successful Scandi interior scheme is to keep the palette simple by using lots of fresh white and off-white tones. Introduce a pale pastel into the mix or use the occasional pop of black or midnight navy.

Keep furniture simple, perhaps draw upon Mid Century inspired pieces and don’t forget to add texture and pattern into the mix – try faux fur throws and geometric patterns on cushions or rugs.

Stripes Strike Back

scandinavian living room - stripes strike back (elledecor.com)

After years of chevron, we’re eager for stripes to make a comeback — especially if they’re simple and black-and-white, like this H&M Home pillow seen in artist Nina Holst’s Norwegian home. Avoid the whole nautical look by avoiding navy blue, and keeping the rest of your decor as contemporary as possible.

Really Simple Scandi Living Room Style

scandinavian living room - Really Simple Scandi Living Room Style (houseology.com)

Brits often love the Scandi look in their homes but enjoy adding a pop or two of colour to make it their own. If you love Scandi design but want a ‘warmer’ finish try adding in a few soft furnishings or accessories in pale blues, soft pinks, greens or yellows to give your Scandi look a softer finish.

Let’s Gray Schemes

scandinavian living room - Let's Gray Schemes (houseology.com)scandinavian living room - Let's Gray Schemes (houseology.com)

Let your lighting scheme take centre stage with striking Mid Century designs from brands such as Gubi and Bestlite. Look to contrasting colours or metallic finishes to let your Scandinavian lighting do the talking.