31+ The Most Elegant Living Room Lighting Ideas

Living Room Lighting – What’s the point of having a beautifully designed space if you’re sitting in the dark? Lighting is one of the essential elements of a room and can impact how everything else from the wall color to the art to the rug looks.

That’s why it’s important to plan your lighting design early and consider all the sources of light you’ll need, whether it’s wall lights over the sofa for reading or an eye-catching chandelier that illuminates the whole room.

“A lot of people just think lighting should be done once you know what you need to light up,” David Gray, sales manager of the Professional Division for Lamps Plus told AD.

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“It’s actually the opposite: You should design the room with lighting in mind. Having your architect draw the lighting in is a great method. If you think of lighting last, you’ve already damaged your possibility to be right. It should be part and parcel of the room, because lighting is an integral part of the room’s look.”

If you’re ready to take your lighting to the next level, discover these genius living room lighting ideas that are sure to make your space brighter and more beautiful.

Visual Balance Living Room Lighting

living room lighting - Visual Balance (thespruce.com)

While it’s nice to have an end table at both ends of a sofa, it isn’t always possible (or preferable). When this is the case you can still have visually balanced task lighting by using a table lamp on one side and a floor lamp on the other, as seen here in this photo courtesy of Barbara Brown Photography. This way people sitting on both sides of the sofa get an equal amount of light.

Focus on the Mix Living Room Lighting

living room lighting - Focus on the Mix (architecturaldigest.com)

A successful lighting design combines a number of light sources at different levels of the room. Add layers of light from a number of types of fixtures that can be used together or separately for a flexible space.

Aurore 4-Light LED Crystal Chandelier


living room lighting - Aurore 4-Light LED Crystal Chandelier (wayfair.com)

Fabulous and full of attitude, this chandelier brightens your space with a dash of glam appeal. Crafted from metal, this design’s drum shade features gridwork studded with faceted plastic crystal beads, while hanging crystal drops complete the look down below.

Inside, four lights cast their warm, welcoming glow throughout your ensemble. Measuring 16” H x 17” W x 17” D, this luminary accommodates 60 W maximum lamping; bulbs not included.

Find the Perfect Pair

living room lighting - Find the Perfect Pair (architecturaldigest.com)

Table lamps are perfect when you need a little extra light once the sun goes down. And they’re even better in pairs. Set matching table lamps on side tables or on either end of a console to give the space a sense of balance and symmetry.

Agave 5-Light Wagon Wheel Chandelier

living room lighting - Agave 5-Light Wagon Wheel Chandelier (wayfair.com)

Round out your entertaining space in illuminating charm with this striking chandelier.Crafted of steel, its solid-finished frame features swooping arms descending from the top while a circular base anchors the piece.

Each of the five lights sits on the round bottom rim, featuring an Edison-inspired design highlighted by a cylindrical glass shade.Try adding it to the entryway to greet guests with a warm and welcoming glow, then let it light up a braided rug and a weathered wood hall tree to complete your farmhouse-inspired foyer.

Eager to entertain? This lovely luminary is perfect sitting at the center of it all. Suspend it over an antiqued dining table, perfect made modern by pulling up a few slatted side chairs so guests can sit pretty.

For a look worth the light, simply set the table with a herringbone-printed runner, a bowl of vibrant yellow lemons, and playful mason jar glasses to craft a casual yet elegant tablescape.

Try Sculptural Sconces Living Room Lighting

living room lighting - Try Sculptural Sconces (architecturaldigest.com)

Wall lights or sconces are a great way to add interest to an empty wall or frame the sofa or a work of art. They’re also ideal for small spaces and help free up floor or table space. Try a pair of colorful or sculptural sconces that will draw the eye and illuminate the space, or go for a solo light for a minimalist look.

Joon Indoor 6-Light LED Globe Chandelier

living room lighting - Joon Indoor 6-Light LED Globe Chandelier (wayfair.com)

Illumination with eye-catching appeal, this lovely luminary is equally ideal greeting guests with a warm glow in the entryway or lighting up your kitchen tablescape. Crafted of metal, it features an openwork globe frame with a versatile solid finish that works wonderfully in any setting.

Six candelabra-inspired lights inside give it its glamorous gleam, making for a marvelous centerpiece overhead no matter where you decide to suspend it in your space.

Add a Centerpiece Living Room Lighting

living room lighting - Add a Centerpiece (architecturaldigest.com)

Whether you go for a romantic chandelier or a modern pendant, a striking light fixture can complete a living room. Use the piece to brighten the seating area and create a focal point. Install a dimmer switch to be able to switch up the atmosphere and set the mood.

Benites 12-Light Sputnik Chandelier

living room lighting - Benites 12-Light Sputnik Chandelier (wayfair.com)

With its contemporary design, this Chandelier adds intrigue to any space. The over-sized shades give this chandelier a modern look in living and dining rooms. Professional installation is recommended.

Create an Overall Glow

living room lighting - Create an Overall Glow (architecturaldigest.com)

If your room is large or lacking in natural light, a single ceiling fixture may not be enough. Consider using multiple overhead sources, such as recessed lighting paired with a pendant.

Gerhart 4-Light Crystal Chandelier

living room lighting - Gerhart 4-Light Crystal Chandelier (wayfair.com)

An eye-catching centerpiece hanging all on its own, you might forget this chandelier is here to shine! Crafted from metal, its frame pairs a scrolling frame with a metallic finish, complemented by three tiers of dripping crystals for a glint of glamour.

Its four lights inside provide a warm glow for your foyer or dining room, 60W and not included. Measures 15” H x 23” W x 8” D overall.

Brighten the Mantel

living room lighting - Brighten the Mantel (architecturaldigest.com)

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, don’t leave it in the dark! Highlight the architectural feature by installing sconces or adding a pair of small lamps to your mantel display.

Dailey 4-Light Chandelier

living room lighting - Dailey 4-Light Chandelier (wayfair.com)

Offer up understated style and contemporary appeal to any ensemble with this drum chandelier, a low-key luminary that offers a boost of brightness without overwhelming your space.

Crafted with a metal frame finished in oil-rubbed bronze, this fixture features a cylindrical mercury glass shade that helps diffuse the light from its four 100 W medium-base incandescent bulbs (not included).

If you love low lighting, you can pair this piece with a dimmer switch to up the ambience in your room. Assembly and installation are required.

Let Your Art Shine Living Room Lighting

living room lighting - Let Your Art Shine (architecturaldigest.com)

Your art collection deserves to be displayed with pride. There are a number of options for lighting art, including picture lights, track lighting, wall washers, and ceiling-mounted accent lights. You can also install picture lights on bookcases to highlight framed pieces, objects, and collections.

Shaylee 8-Light Chandelier

living room lighting - Shaylee 8-Light Chandelier (wayfair.com)

Elevating a rustic ensemble is easy when you have this Shaylee 8-Light Chandelier on your side! This fixture is perfect for hanging in your entryway or above a kitchen island or dining table in your modern farmhouse.

Choose a Lamp with Reach

living room lighting - Choose a Lamp with Reach (architecturaldigest.com)

If you don’t have a ceiling fixture, consider floor lamp that curves over the space. The piece will add light from above without the need to call an electrician.

Albano 4-Light Crystal Chandelier

living room lighting - Albano 4-Light Crystal Chandelier (wayfair.com)

Greet guests with a warm and welcoming glow in the entryway or dress up your dining room for an upcoming dinner party with this eye-catching chandelier. Crafted from metal, its frame features curved arms and four candelabra-inspired lights.

To really make this luminary shine, it sports a glass-adorned drum shade and cascading accents for a glint of glamour. Assembly and installation are required for this hardwired fixture. Measures 18.5” H x 18” W x 18” D.

Illuminate a Corner Living Room Lighting

living room lighting - Illuminate a Corner (architecturaldigest.com)

A lonely armchair instantly becomes a cozy reading nook when you add a floor lamp. Take advantage of an empty corner and create a calm spot that’s the perfect for curling up with a bestseller.

Burton 5-Light Chandelier

living room lighting - Burton 5-Light Chandelier (wayfair.com)

Effortlessly blending traditional tastes with contemporary appeal, this charming five-light drum chandelier brings curated appeal to any setting.

Crafted from metal, this chandelier strikes an updated candelabra silhouette with swooping arms, faux drip trays, and white faux-candle bulb bases. This light can be used with 60W candelabra-type bulbs or LED bulbs.

A Robust Assortment

living room lighting - A Robust Assortment (thespruce.com)

A mix of different types of lighting, placed at different points in the room, is essential for creating a proper living room lighting scheme.

While the first thing you tend to see in this room in London’s Cheyenne Terrace is the central statement fixture, there are also three table lamps, one-floor lamp, five pot lights, and an accent light in the ceiling on the window side of the room. They all combine to create a layered and robust lighting scheme, free of shadows.

Caden 4-Light Candle Style Chandelier

living room lighting - Caden 4-Light Candle Style Chandelier (wayfair.com)

Cascading beaded details pair with scrolling arms in this candelabra-inspired mini chandelier. Use it in the den for a glam touch or hang it in the dining room to illuminate farm-fresh dinners.

Two in One Living Room Lighting

living room lighting - Two in Onet (thespruce.com)

When it comes to overhead (ambient) lighting, it’s always a great idea to use two different kinds. In this elegant living room by Su Hodges Interiors, pot lights provide the majority of light (which is spread across the ceiling), while a transitional hanging fixture emphasizes the seating area in the center of the room.

Bautista 5-Light Chandelier

living room lighting - Bautista 5-Light Chandelier (wayfair.com)

Beyond brightening your abode, chandeliers make a statement in any interior design without occupying valuable floor space. Sure to stand out in any space, this sputnik chandelier showcases five round bulbs awash in a white finish that protrude horizontally for evenly spread shine.

Plus, it’s compatible with a dimmer switch for adjustable ambience. It measures 5′ ‘ H x 26.75’ ‘ W x 26.75’ ‘ D and accommodates five 60 W E12 light bulbs (not included).

Multiple Fixtures Living Room Lighting

living room lighting - Multiple Fixtures (thespruce.com)

In a large room, a single overhead fixture may not be enough. In most cases, pot lights are a good solution, but if recessed lighting isn’t for you there is another possibility.

Consider hanging multiple fixtures throughout the room, like designer Kari Wilbanks did here. They key to making this look work is to stick with fairly simple fixtures that have clean silhouettes, and to hang them on a grid rather than in random spots throughout the ceiling.

Delon 4-Light Square/Rectangle Chandelier

living room lighting - Delon 4-Light Square-Rectangle Chandelier (wayfair.com)

This collection features a classic pattern commonly found on barn or farmhouse doors and gates. The simple geometric form features a faux-painted wood enclosure to frame vintage-style light bulbs.

Ceiling Accent Living Room Lighting

living room lighting - Ceiling Accent (thespruce.com)

Lighting around the perimeter of a ceiling can provide accent light as well a unique detail not common to most living rooms.

Not only does the accent light in this room from Creative West Architects accentuate the architectural details of the ceiling, but it adds an aura of elegance to this sophisticated space. When it comes to living room lighting ideas, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Astin 4-Light Geometric Chandelier

living room lighting - Astin 4-Light Geometric Chandelier (wayfair.com)

Grab glances from your guests while greeting them with a warm and welcoming glow with this eye-catching chandelier hanging in the foyer or entryway.

Crafted from steel, it features an openwork quatrefoil design for a look that works well in both classic and contemporary settings. Its four candelabra-inspired lights really make this luminary shine, cast against finishes of oil-rubbed bronze and antique brass for a subtle pop of glamour overhead.

Consider an Arc Living Room Lighting

living room lighting - Consider an Arc (thespruce.com)

No ceiling lights? No problem! You can still create a central light source with an arc floor lamp. The arcs on these types of lamps are generally fairly high, ensuring that no one will bump their heard when walking underneath, but considered placement is still very important. Also, keep in mind that these lamps are quite modern and work best in contemporary settings.

Sean Drum Chandelier Living Room Lighting

living room lighting - Sean Drum Chandelier (wayfair.com)

Make a chic modern statement in any space of your home with this eye-catching chandelier. Showcasing that gives warm undertones to the bold square frames, and clear glass cylinders which surround the stately silhouettes of candelabra bulbs, this must-have luminary is brimming with chic style.

Hang this lovely drum chandelier in your dining room to cast a warm glow over every meal from sophisticated soirees to weeknight family dinners. Or set it in your entryway or foyer to craft a chic aesthetic and craft a warm and stylish welcome for all of your visitors.

Sculptural Sconces Living Room Lighting

living room lighting - Built-In Accent (thespruce.com)

Make a bold statement with unique sconces. The modern sconces in this room by Disc Interiors are adjustable, allowing the user to change the size, as well as where the light is being directed. Even more importantly, they provide a unique, sculptural element that sets a modern tone for the space.

Benedetto 5-Light Chandelier

living room lighting - Benedetto 5-Light Chandelier (wayfair.com)

Make a statement in your dining room or entryway with this beautiful chandelier. A modern take on classic style, this show-stopping luminary is the perfect pick for glamorous and contemporary aesthetics.

It showcases a tapered two-tiered design crafted from rows of long beveled crystals. The chandelier is crafted from metal with a polished brass finish. Set behind the crystals are fixtures for five 40-watt bulbs (not included with this chandelier).

Built-In Accent Living Room Lighting

living room lighting - Visual Balance (thespruce.com)

Including accent lights in built-in shelving is a great way to highlight special objects and accessories. In this room from Juliette Byrne, the eye is immediately drawn to the lit up shelves, making for a bright and beautiful focal wall.